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????Fujian Center for Prevention and Control of Occupational Diseases and Chemical Poisoning (ODC) is an executive and research institute under the jurisdiction of? the Fujian Public Health Bureau. The main mission of ODC include carrying out national and provincial plans and programs for prevention and control of occupational and radioactive hazards, as well as development of countermeasures; conducting research, supervising, evaluating for the prevention and control of occupational disease and work-related injuries and illness; providing advice and guidance to deal with occupational hazards, radioactive contamination, occupational poisoning and radiation accidents; providing technique supports and guidance to store emergency substance of relevant emergent public health events and accidents; treatment and recovery for patients suffering from chemical poisoning, occupational diseases or exposing to the radiation; providing physical examinations of occupational diseases, occupational disease diagnosis and appraisal; testing and identifying toxicity of chemicals; testing and evaluating radiation hygiene protection.
????Compared with other industrially advanced countries, the rate of occupational injuries in our country is relatively higher. An in-depth analysis revealed that other countries had already conducted long-term studies on tracking hazards and that their technologies for controlling these hazards are much more mature. To address problems in occupational safety and health in Fujian Province, ODC plans to introduce mature technologies and specifications through interchange and cooperation. These technologies and specifications will be transformed and applied to expedite the resolution of local problems in occupational safety and health, as well as to allow specifications of local technology to gradually conform to national standard system. In addition to traditional hazards, we, together with other institutes in our country and the world, are now facing new challenges in occupational safety and health in line with the rapid industrial development: (1) unknown danger brought by new technologies and new substances; (2) hazards arising from fragmented view of human, machinery, and environmental factors in the working environment, which increase the physiological load of workers. These problems involved different professional areas: biology, chemistry, engineering and medicine. We will unite related governmental departments, academic organizations, associations and business unites and continue to undertake interdisciplinary researches and develop control technologies and policies.

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